Off-ice training that makes goalies less vulnerable on the ice.

Justin fazio on ice goalie drills

Justin fazio on ice goalie drillsI have been looking forward to this series of posts for a while, here’s how it came together.

I was chatting with Future Pro Goaltending’s Jason VanSpronsen and we decided to meet up on the ice to go over some on-ice issues he sees or on-ice issues I get asked about, but I don’t know the answer to because that is not where my expertise lies (and when I get some video of me on the ice, you will see what I mean :))

So a few weeks ago we made it happen and it was really interesting AND fun.

The Sarnia Sting’s Justin Fazio was kind enough to come out and help us – he is a great young man who I have met briefly before at Future Pro’s prospect camp, but never really had the chance to talk with him – super guy.

I did ask him for tips on adjusting my pads as well – gonna try lengthening my toe-ties a little bit.

Reduce your vulnerability…Reduce your GAA

Not sure if you feel it, but being a great goalie is about reducing your vulnerability on the ice. The less often you put yourself in a vulnerable position, the fewer scoring chances your opponents have. So let’s look at times when can be extremely vulnerable.

Recovering back to your skates from a butterfly and eliminating a ‘weak side’ with your shimmy or power slide. As you play at a higher and higher level, teams will learn your vulnerabilities and set out to make your every outing hell by capitalizing on them. That’s not very nice is it?

So let’s head out on the ice and let Jason and Justin show us how to minimize it on the ice and then I will take you back to the gym and show you how you can build the stability, strength and power you need to do that.

If you cannot see the video in the player above, just click on the link below…

How Much? How Many?

Each exercise can work nicely into your off-ice routine for 2-4 sets.

For the 1/2 Kneeling Lateral Push using the bungee, you will go for volume – so 12-20 reps using a resistance that is medium to start, but then building up to the heaviest band you can manage with perfect technique.

For the Knee Recovery Lateral Push, think a little more power output, so the volume will stay lower – 3-6 reps each way.

We have a few more in this series – I started with this one for my friend Lou, who just the other day asked about evening out his pushes side to side – – I hope this helps Lou!


off ice hockey training for goalies

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