Off-Ice Hockey Training Q&A – the one about running in the rain

Wooooo – what’s up!  Are you pumped or sad that we are heading into the last few weeks of the summer?  I am totally torn.  On one hand, I am sad to see the hockey players leaving the Revolution Studio and heading off to their NHL, ECHL, Junior training camps and Universities.  I will miss having them around, but it will be nice to get back into a bit more of a manageable schedule.  I am also pumped for the hockey season to start so we can see our athletes in action!

Today’s Off-Ice Hockey Training Q&A

In today’s episode I answer your questions on the following topics…

  • Would a young hockey player be better off playing soccer or doing karate for their second sport?
  • What to do for energy system training when it is raining out?  I channel my Mom on this one 🙂
  • What exercise could be used instead of the TRX Row?
  • How many sets should be completed for each muscle group in a workout?
  • How much wider should your butterfly flare get after doing the stretching routines from the FREE Ultimate Guide To Strong & Durable Hips (you can get it HERE if you somehow do not have it yet)
  • Using the Romanian Deadlift to strengthen your back.

If you do not see the video in the player above, just click on the link below:

I think that covers it – as always, thanks for the questions, I really enjoy interacting with you all!  That’s it for today gang – have an awesome weekend, hope you have some fun or at least relaxing plans.  Paul and I will start tomorrow with a 10-mile run (part of the training for our Tough Mudder at the end of September) – wooooo – looking forward to it! #OneDayBetter