Off-Ice Hockey Training – Footwear

What’s shakin’?  Today we are supposed to have a really nice spring day with sunshine and 9C which will be a welcomed change.  The last few days we have had snow squalls off the lake, so it will basically be a blizzard for 15-minutes, then fine, then a blizzard…etc.

A couple of weeks ago I stopped in at Pete’s Sports in London, On (it is right near our house actually) to have a chat with Chris about footwear for off-ice training.  The big take-home message is that regular running shoes are not your best option for off-ice hockey training.  They do not give you the lateral stability that you need.  Some form of cross-trainer is your better option.

Here’s what to look for (not saying you need to buy these brands, but look for some of these features)…

Footwear Tor Off-Ice Hockey Training

Have a great day – hope there is some sunshine in your world!