Off-Ice Assessments

missing the squat patternAs promised here are two assessments that you can use to see 1) how your off-ice training is progressing from a stability, strength, stamina and power perspective and 2) how your body moves and dynamically stabilizes.

Let me be clear that doing well on these tests will not guarantee that you will make the team you have been cut from the last three season in a row.  What it shows is whether or not your training is giving you the tools you need to succeed on the ice.  The rest is up to you and how well you actually play the game.

Here’s the test to see how your training is affecting your general fitness attributes…

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I also want you to realize that you may find that from one test to the next you see a huge improvement in your stamina, but your leg power has stayed the same or crept up slightly.  We see this all the time at Revolution Conditioning because we cannot focus on all the attributes at once.  So our early off-season training focuses on mobility and stability.

What I want to see when we retests is a huge improvement in the core hold, I don’t really care that much about the standing long jump, until we get to the max strength and power phases.

I chose these tests because you can do them easily on your own in only a few minutes.  Are they the be-all in terms of hockey testing?  Nope.  But they will give you an idea of what’s working, what needs a little more attention and where you are getting stuck.

This functional assessment battery is more geared toward goalies but the results will apply to skaters as well – the hip internal rotation test will not be as relevant for skaters, but still important if you are really tight in that movement.

If you cannot see the video in the player above, just click here

 Happy training!

off ice hockey training for goalies

16-Week Off-Season Training Program For Goalies.