October All-Stars!!

I am not sure if we have had this before but… we have two All-Stars this month!  They have received their #OneDayBetter t-shirts already and now I want to share their story with you.

All Star #1 – Dana T

Dana is an All-Star because she personifies what I am constantly preaching to you about leaving your excuses behind.  You think they are ‘reasons’ but that is a lie you tell yourself (for most of you) and Dana walked away from those and took the 28-Day Transformation Challenge.

During the transformation Dana was working toward her paramedic certification, so spending 12 hour shifts in an ambulance – trying to eat properly AND get in her training. She still managed to drop 4lbs during the program while adding speed and stamina.

I love her description of progressing through the program…

Week 1 – “Quick feet just about drained me the first workout and I wasn’t able to keep my tempo or speed without a few second break. As these workouts progressed throughout the program my footwork has improved a lot and my stamina has gone up with it.”

Week 2 – “Side planks and holds are my enemy. As the program progressed I was able to do the side planks and lifts (as well as later the standing leg circles) without a hip locking”

Week 4 – “FINALLY I got to skate-longest gap in forever without ice and ironically it was during this program! I can feel a difference in my hips, a lot of mobility and able to do a straight leg recover when sliding across to ‘pop up’ where as before I had to bend and lift…I played college hockey and have been playing hockey 13 years and never could consistently do this until now. Puck tracking and hand-eye coordination has improved-this was an unexpected result, but it has cut down on rebounds which is a plus with the level”

Awesome work Dana – looking forward to meeting you this weekend when you are in London for a tourney with your team!

All Star #2 – Paul L

What caught my attention with Paul is the fact that despite his doubts and skepticism he still took a leap of faith.  I think it is easy to think that people who fail to take action are just ‘lazy’, but a lot of you are either fearful or doubtful.  You think that it will not work for you – so I love that Paul took the leap despite his doubts such as…

I wondered if I would have enough time to complete the individual workouts, whether I could follow it on a day-to-day basis and would the workouts include all the components for developing goaltending skills.

The only other doubt that I had was whether the workouts would lack the speed and agility training that I like to include as well.  But the ESD workouts filled this area out nicely.  So I found that all of the components for playing net were included.

Paul also keyed in on what I refer to as the Momentum Of Action – this is exactly what he described when he said…

I also felt motivated to DO the workouts since I could actually see a change in my body after the first week or so.

This is why it is so important to just get started!

In terms of his performance on the ice I love this description…

I did a couple of kick saves that were far reaching and had to be done very quickly!  I was happy to see that my muscles didn’t protest, and I still had energy afterwards to pop back up and move with the play.

Congratulations to both of you – you did an awesome job and I know your actions and your experience will help motivate other goalies and skaters to take that first step.

For All-Stars Wannabes

If you are ready to walk away from your excuses and turn your back on your fears, then you are very likely going to be interested in joining this group as well.  You can learn about it HERE and see if it is the right fit for you.  It is not for everyone, but for the right players, it is exactly what you need.


PS – I am always looking to share your success stories, so if you want to be our monthly All-Star (and get the sweet #OneDayBetter t-shirt), then just send me an email maria(AT)revolutionconditioning.com telling me about how you overcame your fears and doubts to achieve your goals.  Tell me how the training programs or tips you have seen here have specifically helped you on the ice.