Nutrition For Hockey Goalies | Intermittent Fasting, etc

Nutrition for hockey goalies

If you’ve seen the movie GAME CHANGER – then this interview might be a game changer for you! Proper nutrition for hockey goalies lets you play with the energy you need and control your body fat so you aren’t pushing more weight around the crease than you need to. There are so many nutrition strategies, which ones are right for goalies?

I sat down with REGISTERED DIETICIAN Lisa Spreit to get the scoop (and the science on)…

❓Intermittent fasting


❓What is the BEST sport supplement

❓If you are going to add TWO foods to your nutrition plan – add these two


The book that I referenced in this video is Food Rules by Michal Pollan, you can get it HERE

I’m also listening to the book “How Not To Die” (honestly – that’s what it’s called) by Dr. Michael Greger – you can pick it up HERE – and it has DEFINITELY changed the way I eat.

Enjoy – Coach M

PS – I whipped up an AMAZING ice cream/Frosty substitute on the weekend that is a super healthy alternative to the original versions – leave a comment below if you want me to show you exactly how to do it – it took about 5-minutes and it was AMAZING!


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