Nothing to do with off ice goalie training: My favourite web apps

Another new week after an awesome weekend here in Southern Ontario.  On Saturday I took my Mom out furniture shopping as she gets ready to move to her new apartment in a month or so.  We found some great stuff, so that was really exciting.  Then I got home in time to see my Western Mustangs football team destroy the Ottawa Gee Gee’s (seriously, who names their team G-G?) so that was awesome.  As a matter of fact, I was feeling so good after that game, I decided to get my nose pierced.

Okay, it is something I have been thinking about for probably two years at least.  On Saturday I just thought about what was holding me back from doing something that I had wanted to do for over 2 years and the answer came back…but what if it hurts?  Duh – some big tatooed guy is going to stick a needle through your nose and then push a stud through it – it is going to hurt!  So then I just had to decide whether the short term pain was worth getting something I wanted accomplished.

So we headed down to Perfect Image Tatoo and Body Piercing on Richmond Row in London, Ontario where Mike – the big tatooed guy pushed a big needle through my nose followed by a stud.  He was a great guy and very nice.  I am not going to lie to you – it did hurt, but it was over in about 30-seconds (if that) and now it feels great.  It is just a little stud, let me know what you think of the new look in the comments below.

Okay, enough about accessorizing my face – on to the business of the day.  Two housekeeping things first:

  1. I spoke to a Dad on the phone last week about developing young goalies – he was going to email me for a reference to a post I did on the topic for InGoalMag, but I never saw his email come through, so here is the link I was talking about –
  2. As you may recall the VIP Q&A session is coming up tomorrow evening at 6pm ET for the goalies who purchased the Rapid Response Goalie Training System during the special Labour Day promo I ran.  A couple of you emailed to ask if I would be willing to include you on the call as well since you are so awesome, etc.  Could you please remind me who you are so I can send you the dial in info – just email and we will make sure you get the info.

My Favourite Geeky Computer Tools and Web Apps

I am a note taker – if I do not write it down, then it is not going to happen – ever.  The problem is that I had about 5 different notebooks on the go at any one time.  One for my latest online project, one for the business of my Revolution Training studio, one for book summaries, etc.  Then one of my fellow masterminders showed me a great note taking tool that he had called a Livescribe pen (

The livescribe pen records whatever you write down in special notebooks (you can even print the notebook paper yourself) and allows you to upload the notes to your desktop or web-based server, so you can access the notes where ever you go – I can get at them on my iPhone when I am travelling.

You can also record audio and then playback the audio that you were hearing when you wrote a specific note – very cool.  I know there are about a thousand other cool things you can do with it, but I am not cool enough to figure them out yet.

The next tool I love – this one is a web app – is called Evernote (  Evernote lets me store photos, notes, websites – anything I want on my desktop and on a web-based portal so I can sync the notes between my computer and my iPhone so no matter where I am I have access to them.  I use Firefox as my web browser and then have an app (I think they call their apps “Add-ons”) that you can add to your desktop allowing you to clip a portion of, or an entire website and save it in Evernote to read later.

I cannot help but think of how my Grama used to use a bobby pin from her hair to slash articles out of the newspaper – well think of this as the cyber version.  I see so many articles online that I want to read and do not want to lose track of that this has been invaluable to me.  So there are a few tech tips for you.  I shot a quick video to show you what they look like.

Have a great day – see you later in the week for some actual goalie off ice training tips.