NEW! Mobility Exercise For Goalies

I am going to GUARANTEE that less than 1% of you have ever even SEEN this hip mobility exercise before AND of the less than 1% of you who have seen it before, I guarantee that less than 1% of you have ever even TRIED it…until today.

This exercise is a hip mobility exercise – so that means you get more range of motion and the muscle strength, smarts and stamina to actually control that range of motion (READ: reduces your risk of injury).

Here is exactly how to do it…

If you cannot see the video above, here is the link 

I am not taking credit for inventing this exercise – in fact I got the idea from Dr. Andreo Spina.  If any of you are really keen on learning everything there is to know about true mobility training, then definitely check out his Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) certifications.

Or you can just let me continue to digest what I learned when I took the course and pass it along to you 🙂

Key Points To Remember…
  • Maintain a neutral back and pelvis.  If your pelvis is moving, you are not isolating the hip
  • Hold something behind your knee – if you don’t have a ball, hold a small rolled up towel
  • Go slowly and generate tension (like you are stirring honey)
  • Start with 5 in each direction

And that’s it!


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