New EOTW: Goalie Hip Strength & Stability (PART 2)

Okay, did you try the basic version? If you didn’t, then please go here and try it for a few days before coming back to this one.

For those of you who did try it, what did you think and how did you do? Seriously, I want to know, leave a comment below sharing your experience.

Harder than it looks right? Did anyone find it super easy?

Well, if you could do it properly, then you earned the opportunity to make it harder – nice reward eh? And when I say harder, I really just mean more complex.

Instead of working in one plane, you will now be performing circumduction which requires 10x more motor control. Your goal is to complete smooth circles, so if your circles look like something Picasso painted, then you have got some work to do.

Here’s how to do it – start again with 5 in each direction, but go very slowly and pay attention to your neatness please.

As always, do not force the movement, it will be small circles only.