New EOTW: Goalie Hip Strength & Stability (PART 1)

Welcome to the NEW!

How do you like it?  Pretty sweet eh? After you check out this article and EOTW, have a look around, make yourself at home…

I am only trusting you with the first part of this EOTW today. It is THAT important for you to get the basics down first.

I know you – we have been friends for quite a while.

I know that if I give you the foundation and the advanced version, you will be jumping straight to the advanced version – because THAT’s how you roll!

So make sure you do this one a couple times at least before I send you the progression in a few days. Seriously, do it and if you cannot do it perfectly (without any movement in your pelvis) then don’t even bother with the progression.

Even if you think you can do it, you will likely be doing it using a compensation pattern and the last thing I want to do is help you make a compensation pattern stronger. That is one of the worst things we can do.

So here it is, give it a try. Start with 5 on each side (yes, ONLY 5) and hold for three seconds at the top.

It is a very small range of motion, so if you are getting your leg way up in the air, you are very likely doing something wrong.

Okay keener – go give it a try 🙂