NEW! Comprehensive Stretching Program for Goalies

Well, another Thanksgiving has come and gone – I have eaten enough to last me the next month probably.  I actually dug out my business coach Craig Ballantyne’s Simple Meals manual this morning to get back into a healthy eating routine.  Like rehab for gluttony 🙂  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Don’t get me wrong, the weekend was not all eat, eat, eat.  On Saturday morning Paul and I hit the Revolution gym for a nice strength workout consisting of rear foot elevated split squats, DB one arm row, standing cable press and front planks.  Then Sunday we got out for a great 1:50 mountain bike ride around Lake Fanshawe in my hometown of London, ON – it is so beautiful with all the fall colours.  That is the where we took the photo on the right.   Finally, Monday we hit the local provincial park for some trail running which is one of my favourite things to do in the fall.  Then we went to Paul’s parents and ate some more 🙁

Anyway, I had a question from one of the Goalie Workout Club members asking for another (longer) stretching program for goalies that he could do in addition to the flexibility work included with the Goalie Workout Club program.  So I said – ‘Sure!’  I thought it would be fair if I shared it with everyone.

This is a flexibility routine that I created for my sold out Elite Goalie Strength & Conditioning group (which is a private online coaching group).  I have included the video and the detailed breakdown showing you how many of each to do.

So thank you for the question – I love getting questions because it lets me give you exactly the information you need and want – that is my goal after all.  So please keep those questions coming!

Comprehensive Stretching Program for Goalies

And here are the exact sets and reps you need to do.  Notice how they are broken down into A, B and C exercises?  The ‘A’ exercises are your tissue quality work, then your flexibility/mobility work (‘B’ exercises) and finally I sneak in some muscle activation/stability for your ‘C’ exercises. Enjoy!


Foam Roll Groins – outer, middle, inner  -15 each

A1 Foam Roll Hip Flexor – 15 each
A2 Foam Roll Lats – 15 each
B Supine Hip Internal Rotation – 5s hold x 60s
B1 Elevated Hip Flexor Stretch -30s each
B2 ½ Kneeling Groin – 30s heach
B3 T-Spine Rotation – 30s each
B4 Standing Hamstring – 30s each
B5 Spiderman – 30s each
B6 Pretzel – 30s each
C Prone Plank – 5x10s hold
C1 Prone Glute Activation – 5x5s each
C2 Side Plank from Knees – 5x10s each