My Homemade SlideBoard + Butterfly Drills

My husband Paul is THE BEST, he knows that the way to my heart isn’t jewellery or flowers (although I do like getting flowers), the way to THIS gals hard is through training gear ๐Ÿ™‚

Even when he popped the question and asked me to marry him 25 years ago this past Christmas morning… he still got me a pair of sweet Rollerblades under the tree because he didn’t just want to give me a diamond engagement ring… what can I say… he gets me.

The latest love gift was this awesome slab of puck board so I could make my own goalie slideboard… check out what I did with it.


I know a bunch of you will ask “where did you get that?”

Paul got it direct from one of his suppliers (for his job he buys raw materials from some plastics suppliers, so that’s how that worked), but I Googled “puck board” and a few different online options came up – it actually shows up on the Home Hardware website too.

I think the proper name might be “HDPE” sheets.

There is more fun to come on this thing, so stay tuned for more videos like this.


PS – if it’s your hip mobility that limits your butterfly then I have the solution for that as well – it is the FREE 14-day Butterfly Challenge – just go to your app store and search “butterfly challenge” and you are all set.ย  Yer welcome!