My Gluten Free Confession

glutenOne of my Revolution Conditioning clients passed along this video and I thought it did a great job of explaining what gluten is and who really needs to avoid it, plus some of the perils of choosing gluten free foods if you are not actually gluten intolerant.

Before I share it with you, I have a confession.

I have been on a, let’s call it  ‘gluten avoidance’ diet for the past 6-months.

It started as punishment for not getting my ‘Big 3 Tasks’ completed one week.  I had to go gluten free for two weeks.  You know what?  I felt better when I was not eating gluten.  Am I gluten intolerant?  Nope.

So why did I feel better?

I felt better because many of my favourite junk foods contain gluten – so minimizing gluten makes me minimize those foods... I’m lookin’ at YOU pizza!

My Mom just baked fresh cookies – sorry Mom – ‘Gluten’.  Want a big juicy burger?  Sorry delicious pretzel bun – ‘Gluten’.

So basically I am using gluten as a scapegoat for avoiding foods that I should not be eating anway (except beer – ha ha).  I won’t throw a fit if I eat gluten, I am just trying to minimize my consumption of foods that I should not be eating anyway.  As I minimize gluten it means I am eating way more lean protein, fruits and veggies – – and I feel good plus I have dumped about 7lbs of blubber and am back to the bodyfat % I was back in my Varsity skiing days and that feels good too.

Okay – here is the video, enjoy.

GLUTEN For Punishment ==> CLICK HERE


PS – anyone else fall for the Sidney Crosby arrest story other than QMI??