Most important move if you want a strong core

Every athlete wants a ‘strong core’ – but what does that mean and how do you really get one – it isn’t about doing crunches. For athletes most of their core training takes place with their functional training drills, but if you don’t know how to maintain neutral spine, then you are not going to maximize your deadlifts, squats or torso strength.

It’s time to get straight on “neutral spine” which is not the same as a ‘straight spine’. Try this quick drill using a broomstick or your hockey stick to see:

 Can you even get into a neutral spine in standing?

 Can you flex and extend at your hips with #neutralspine?

The problem when you cannot move at your hips with a neutral spine is this… the movement has to come from somewhere, so either you will over use your lower back (make a bigger gap under your hand in your lower back) or you will overuse your hip joints.

Seems like a small thing, but overtime it is a BIG DEAL.