MORE ways for goalies to get stronger knees…

As I mentioned in the ACL injury post last week, you cannot really make the “knee” itself stronger, but you can make the muscles that cross it stronger and SMARTER to help it maintain it’s stability.

You can improve the mobility and control at your hip to reduce the chronic load on the knee.

When you add those together you get more durable knees, which is great for any goalie.

I offered to give you some more exercises if there was interest and I heard back from a lot of you, so there is definitely interest there.  As promised, here are some progressions…

Can’t see the video?  Unbelievable – click here >>

Can’t see this video either? What?? Click here >>

So there you go – even if you have not done anything to your knees, adding these exercises and drills will help you keep them happy and healthy.

Talk soon, Cheers,