More Metabolic Finishers for Hockey Goalies…one for skaters too.

I feel sorry for you…

I feel sorry for you, I really do.  You see I forked over my entire weekend plus over $700 to spend the weekend in Vaughan, ON – never heard of it? yeah, well…

Why did I do that – I did it for a man – Dr. Andreo Spina.  No, Paul doesn’t have to be worried, I was there to learn from the evil scientist of mobility training.  Actually, he is not that evil, he is a really nice guy, but evil when it comes to making your body move in ways I don’t thing it has since I was born.

I will have a more detailed post for you describing what I went through on the weekend – if you are in the Goalie Workout Club – I have included some of the ideas in workout #13. – stay tuned, you have NEVER seen anything like this.  It honestly changed my entire outlook on mobility training.  I am giddy with excitement (yes, I am a geek – proud of it!)

In the meantime check out the second in my series of metabolic finishers for hockey.  If you missed the post where I explained the purpose and how often you should do them, then definitely read up on metabolic finishers for hockey first.  Just click here.

Another Finisher With Hockey Goalie Drills (Video)

This one is for goalies (the one below is for skaters):

Off Ice Hockey Training: Metabolic Finisher

…and this one is for the skaters – enjoy.  The exact sets, reps, etc are all in the video.

Happy training!