Mitch Korn on the Physical, Mental & Emotional elements of goaltending

A couple weeks ago when the Capitals were on their break-week, I was able to catch up with goaltending coach Mitch Korn.  You cannot argue with Mitch’s success record with his goalies in Buffalo, Nashville and now Washington.

Like all the top goalie coaches I know, Mitch is a student of the game and so generous with his knowledge.  He is keen to share and help you learn from him just like his NHL goalies.

Here’s a breakdown of what we covered in this instalment… enjoy!

Youth development…

  • how to be a good goalie parent
  • pushing too hard to try and MAKE it happen
  • do you love to play or are you just good at it?
  • how parents trying to ‘sell’ their child can hamper their chances

The evolution of the game…

  • early day skate saves in Buffalo
  • limb-based goaltending vs. body-based goaltending
  • how the goalie coach has evolved in the NHL

Managing the NHL goaltender…

  • post game analysis
  • getting closure after a game – learning vs. dwelling

Part two of the interview is loaded up in the ShutOut Academy for you.  In part two we cover…

  • how to remain calm in chaos
  • the role of breathing in goaltending
  • Is there room for smaller goalies in the NHL?
  • how to get noticed by scouts
  • how much time goalies should put into trying to get the splits
  • the common thread all the top performers share
  • why you cannot practice the way you play

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