Mental Toughness For Hockey

Before I introduce you to Lisa Brown of and we get into mental toughness training for hockey I want to tell you how you can get your hands on one of the brand new #OneDayBetter/ training shirts.  This challenge is only for goalies – don’t worry skaters I will have one for you in the near future too.

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Train Your Brain…

Okay, now let’s get your head straight.  I think we have all had an experience where we defeated ourselves with our mindset.  It can be a powerful tool that either works with use or against us.

When I got on the phone the other day with mental toughness specialist Lisa Brown we talked about:

  • why players get stressed out in big games or tryouts and what they can do to manage those feelings
  • why players should train their mental toughness the same way they train their body
  • how players can break out of a slump

==>> You can listen in to (or download) the entire interview by CLICKING HERE – no opt-in required, it is free.

If you want to learn more from Lisa, you can download her free mental toughness for hockey guide, you will have to provide your email address to get access, but I have had a look and I think there is some valuable info in there, so if you want to work on the mental side of your game, listen to the audio HERE and then you can get the free mental toughness for hockey guide here ==>

Have a great day!