Master These 3 Patterns To Move Like A Pro

I have broken it down into three essential patterns you must have in order to move like a pro. You may still play at a high level and lack one of these patterns, but your life would be so much easier (and your injuries so much less frequent) if you could master them all.

Deep Overhead Squat

The first one is the Deep Overhead Squat because it demands the whole package – hip mobility (flexion and rotation), active ankle dorsiflexion, thoracic spine mobility and shoulder/lat flexibility.

If you can do this one perfectly, you are already WAY ahead of the game. In fact, you should look at yourself in the mirror right now (or you use the front facing camera on your phone), give yourself a wink, blow yourself a kiss and then give yourself a good ol’ slap on the back.

If you can’t see the video above, just click here >

If that is not you – – start with this one…

Quadruped Rock Back – 10 reps – hold 3s each

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Start with that one and then later this week I will pop back with a video showing you some progressions like…

  • Active Dorsiflexion – 15 each leg
  • Assisted Deeps Squat (heels elevated) + breathing – 5x5s hold
  • Butt to wall + breathing – 5x 1 breath
  • Heels Elevated Deep Squat + breathing – 5x 1 breath
  • Deep Squat + breathing

Those will help you get deeper and deeper.

This is a little bit like your coveted splits, not every single person is going to be able to get into this deep squat position. If you consistently work on this progression for 4 weeks and see no improvement, then it is time to visit your friendly neighbourhood sport physio to see if they can help figure out where that limitation is coming from and if it is something the two of you can fix.

Whatever you do, don’t just keep mashing on it without any change.

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