Making the team is the first step – here’s what’s next

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In Season Training For Goalies

Making The Team Is Just The Beginning…

You have made the team because the coaches are gambling that you are a good investment

based on what they saw over three days of try-outs or a week of training camp.

How many times have you seen a teammate make the mistake of thinking that (and acting like) they have made it through the hard part and have a spot on the team.

Don’t you make this mistake.

Have you ever seen or hear of a player who had good or even great skill but was cut loose from his team or even a multi-million dollar contract because he was not a ‘team guy’? We have seen several examples from the NHL, so you bet it happens at your level as well.

Once you make the team you need to set a new goal for yourself.  A great overall goal might be to earn the trust of your coach so he knows he can count on you no matter what.  Another great overall goal might be to earn the respect of your teammates, this way they want to see you succeed just as much as you want your team to succeed.

Here are some ways to earn that trust and respect…

If you cannot see the video in the player above, click the link below –

Again, there are lots of examples in the NHL of highly skilled players that don’t get support on the ice from their teammates and it has a dramatic impact on their numbers.

Now you just have to come up with ways to make that happen.  I gave you a few in the video above – here are a few more specifics… your job is to fill in two more ways and then pick two from the list that you will focus on for the next two weeks.  After that you will pick two more.

  1. Help pick up pucks at the end of practice
  2. Work during your scrimmage time, don’t ever play like ‘it’s just a scrimmage’
  3. Give one teammate a specific compliment after each game or practice.  By specific I mean something other than ‘good game man’
  4. Get your recovery so you are at your best during games and practices – this might mean drinking more water or getting to bed an hour earlier
  5. Stay in shape.  You are no good to your team if you get injured or loose your speed and stamina as the season progresses.  Keep up with your in-season training program so you will shine just as bright in the play-offs as you did in tryouts
  6. Have fun – it is a game, play it with all your heart and have fun.

Your turn!  Add two more:

#7 –

#8 –

Now, from the entire list above pick the two that you are going to focus on for the next two weeks:

Action #1 –

Action #2 –

That’s it – Cheers,

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