Loosen Your Hips & Back After Road Trip | Hockey Goalie

Loosen your hips and back after a road trip with this 5-minute routine for hockey goalies. This isn’t the same as your off-ice dynamic warm up, it will quickly unlock your hips and back when you get out of the car or bus on a road trip. Get your body moving so you don’t have to walk around like Frankenstein before hitting the ice for your next away hockey game.

1) LAX Ball Hip Flexor x 30s each

2) Quadruped Cat & Camel x 60s

3) Supine Bent Knee Hip Rotation x 60s

4) Wide Groin Rock Back T-Spine Rotation x 4ea (breathe in at top)

5) Supine Lumbar Extension x 60s

Happy Goaltending,

Coach M


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