03-12-23 Live Q&A – “Strasbourg, France edition”

Tune into the latest “Euro-edition” of our Q&A as Maria tunes in from beautiful Strasbourg, France – let’s go!



If you are strapped for time here are the time stamps for all of Maria’s wise advice!

1:00  What are good warmup exercises for kids – (Puck Battle Domination)

2:45  Exercises/stretches to loosen up hips – if you’re 14 years old or older – (Butterfly Challenge)

4:55  Which exercise is better for goalies – paloff press or landmine press?

6:05  Maria’s thoughts on Bauer Konekt Skates – also see video review – (Problem with Bauer Konekt Skates) 

7:59  Should goalies bike after ice time as a cooldown?  (Post Game Cool Down for Hockey goalies)

9:17  What exercises should be done after torn ACL?

12:33  If my back is sore after playing is it a stretching or strength issue?

If you have questions for Maria, send them to help(at)goalietrainingpro.com and she’ll be happy to help you out!