Life Lessons From Harry Potter (and Warrior Pads Part 2)

Our 2012 Christmas tree.

Anyone else more than a little excited that it is only one week from Christmas Eve?  I certainly am!  I love Christmas, I will drag poor Paul out of bed at 5am on Christmas morning to see if Santa came.

I am also pretty excited because I am basically finished my Christmas shopping which feels really good.  A few stocking stuffers to go, but that will be fun.

Today I want to share two things: 1) some life wisdom from Harry Potter and 2) the second part of my four part interview with Eric Marvin from Warrior Hockey and oddly enough, the two are related.

Harry Potter Wisdom

You might remember that I love Harry Potter.  Some of you will even remember how I went on a roller coaster (which I never do because they make me want to barf) at Universal Studios’ Harry Potter experience because it was the only way to see the inside of Hogwarts – and yes, I did almost barf.  I closed my eyes for most of it and still I almost barfed!

Anyway, I want to relate how I want this blog to be like the sword of Gryffindor for you.  For those of you who don’t remember (you probably just forgot…) the sword of Gryffindor only takes in that which makes it stronger – like Basilisk venom – duh.

So I want you to take from this blog only that which makes you stronger.  I don’t post on this blog what I hope you will like, sometimes you will not like it and that is okay.  You don’t have to agree with everything I say.  The greatest freedom we have is the freedom to think for ourselves.

How Does The Sword Of Gryffindor Relate To Warrior Goalie Pads?

After I posted my conversation with Eric from Warrior last week, I got a lot of positive feedback.  The reason that I invited Eric here was because quite a few of you had asked questions about equipment.  You know I don’t know about equipment, so I went out and found someone who did.  Eric drove over two hours to come up to the gym and go over the gear.  Like most of you, I thought it was great!

There were a few of you who emailed to tell me how disappointed you were in my decision to show Warrior goalie pads rather than another brand.  One of you assumed that I was now a paid spokesperson for Warrior and again expressed their disappointment.  I am okay that some of you did not like it, like I said before I am not trying to please everyone all the time.  Take what makes you stronger and delete the rest.

To clarify – and those of you who have been around for a while already know this – if I am receiving payment for an endorsement, I always tell you in clear terms.  I am not paid by Warrior – otherwise I would have told you.  I hope you would know by now that I run a transparent and straight-up business here at

I always welcome your feedback and your suggestions regarding topics for the blog.  Just keep in mind that you are dealing with a conscientious and kind-hearted person who is motivated by trying to help 10,000 players win more games with fewer injuries.

So on that note and for the majority who emailed or commented that they enjoyed the review – here is my non-compensated tutorial with Eric looking at gloves and blockers 🙂 – like last time Eric is mic’d up, so when I talk it is a little quiet and when Eric talks it is louder, so don’t crank your volume too high when I am doing the intro…


PS – please remember that the BEST place to comment on blog posts or to ask a question is the ‘Comments’ section below.  I see those before I get emails and I typically respond to them quicker.  If you have a question of a personal/private nature then you may email, but otherwise please use the comments section.  Thanks a million – you’re the best!