Let’s Talk Science..Or At Least Some Anatomy – Goalie Training Q&A – 9.7.23

Are you an ice hockey goalie and struggle with ankle pain?  It’s your lucky day as Maria gets into the anatomy and biomechanics of the ankle when you get into your butterfly!  Get your notepad out and tune in!

Check out the time stamps for the questions below!

1:30       Any suggestions for exercises when get ankle pain when externally rotating in butterfly.  Learn about the biomechanics of this!

6:28       Tune in here to see what Maria thinks about the Whoop and don’t miss her video review on GoalieTrainingProTv

“Watch this before you buy a fitness tracker”

13:52    Can we book a time for a one on one session to discuss options for an under 10 yo goalie?

17:28    Are in season goalie stretches good to do after an on ice session?

Thanks for tuning in!  Bonnie from the GTP Team