Leg Strength For Hockey Goalies | Level 1 to 10

Has your trainer ever told you that you need to get strong legs, and given you a program highly focused on back-squats and deadlifts?

Well, they are not wrong in that you do need to be strong, but my goal goes goes beyond just this in working to make you strong AND make you a better goalie. We don’t need bodybuilder legs, or powerlifter legs, we need GOALIE legs.

Your off-ice training should focus on movements and exercises that will result in the type of strength that GOALIES need on the ice. This video will take you through a full squat progression targets just that – GOALIE strength.

1. Goblet Squat

2. Landmine Sumo Squat

3. Front Squat

4. Goblet Squat Lateral

5. Landmine Squat Lateral

6. RFE Split Squat

7. Reverse Lunge To Balance

8. Glider Squat Lateral

9. SL Squat To Tap

10. Lunge Lateral To Balance

Enjoy those goalie strong legs

Coach M


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