Lateral knee pain in goalies: Reverse VH?

2015-07-07 15.32.26Greetings from sunny Buffalo, NY…okay the sun isn’t up yet, and I think it is going to be cloudy, but I am in Buffalo at least 🙂  I am here to take the goalies through some off-ice work during the Sabres Development Camp.

I have a great group of motivated goalies to work with and everyone in the Sabres organization has been super nice…including Head Coach Dan Bylsma who I bumped into (almost literally) about two seconds after I stuffed the last bite of my bagel with peanut butter in my mouth: perfect timing 🙂

Anyway, I will give you some more observations from the camp another day – for now I want to talk Lateral Knee Pain in goalies.

I am not trying to make the Reverse VH a scapegoat here, I like it, it is a useful maneuver…but as we discussed HERE, it is a pretty tough position for the knee and hip.

I have also noticed more goalies emailing me to ask about lateral knee pain.

Now, there are lots of reasons you may have lateral knee pain, but the torque or twisting force on the knee with the Reverse VH, makes me suspicious enough to put together this video for you.

If you have lateral knee pain, your very best plan of attack is still to visit a good sport physio or healthcare provider that typically helps you with these things. You need someone who can assess your hips and knee to help you figure out what is going on.

Give it a look and see what you think. Whether you have lateral knee pain or not, the exercises make some good pre-hab drills to include in your dynamic warm-up and activation.

If you cannot see the video above, just click the link below…


PS – If you are hoping to be at an NHL Development Camp or even an NCAA training camp, then you will probably want to know about THIS.