Key 3 Stretches for Hockey Players (holiday survival guide)

Don’t worry, I am not going to write one of those articles telling you how to survive the holidays by filling up on coconut water and organic pea sprouts instead of partaking in the traditional turkey dinner.

Nothing against coconut water or pea sprouts, but c’mon- you’ve waited all year for this!  In terms of what you eat, I will just give you this one tip – all things in moderation.

Over this three part series I am only going to give you strategies on how to keep your off-ice training on track during what is a very busy and tempting time of year.

After I wrote the post for Monday about goal setting I got thinking about what a potentially miserable time of year this is for setting goals.  Many of us get so sidetracked with work, assignments, family commitments, etc. that we hit January first in a big hole.  So this is my attempt to help keep you on track and moving forward.  Join me for this three part series giving you the Key Three exercises for flexibility, stability and strength.

So check back tomorrow and the day after for the second and third parts of the series, but today’s focus is on Flexibility.  If you do nothing else over the next month than these three stretches, you will be way ahead of where you might otherwise end up.

Key 3 Stretches For Hockey Players

Do this routine at least every other day.  Daily would be better.  Hold each stretch for 30 seconds and do two repetitions of each stretch, so that will be about 6-minutes of stretching, I think you can handle that regardless of how busy your schedule is.

  • Oblique Hip Flexor Stretch
  • 1/2 Kneeling Groin
  • Kneeling Lat Stretch (don’t for get to turn your palms up as well)

Here’s how to do the stretches (90 second video)…

See you tomorrow for part two of the series with your Key 3 for Stability.  ‘Til then – have a great day.