Kevin Neeld: Getting to the NHL – this helps

It is always a treat to head out to Colorado Springs for the NSCA Hockey Strength and Conditioning Clinic.  Whether I am presenting or not, it is always so great to connect with some of my really smart friends… like San Jose Shark’s Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach Kevin Neeld.

You have seen him here before – I like talking to Kevin because I think he comes a strength and conditioning for hockey from a slightly different perspective as a former player, a soft tissue worker and strength coach of course.

This time we talked about a lot of things, but caught this conversation on camera talking about what’s missing from guys who are getting their first taste of pro hockey, the importance (or not) of warm up and some other stuff.

Eavesdrop a little … it’s okay.

Smart guy eh?  So think about how you are developing that ‘every day’ mentality.  That’s something that you can work on right now and fine tune that tool.  Imagine getting your first shot to play a the highest level AND having to learn the discipline of preparation.

Fine tune your pro habits now so you can just worry about playing the game when you get to the rink.

Have a good one!