Just Strained Your Groin? Do THIS

This one is for Ross’s Dad who has been a great goalie role model to his boy for all these years, but I don’t think Ross had ever seen his Dad play until last week.

I am guessing Dad was spurred on by all the success Ross has had over the last season. He sees that enthusiasm, the ups and downs, the resilience…and it has motivated him to strap those pads back on.

Unfortunately, that motivation did not prepare his groin for what would have been an epic kick save 🙂

I know he isn’t alone, so here’s what to do as soon as you strain your groin…you will also see some good outtakes as apparently one of the exercises I simply suck at – – it is toward the end…

If you cannot see the video above – scratch your head and look puzzled…then click on this link.

I know I say it in the video… but I know a lot of you will ignore it, so I am going to say it again.

You cannot just force your way through the exercises thinking that will “cure” your groin strain. These exercises must be pain free as you progress through them. Your tissue will heal at its own pace, all you can do is give it a great environment to do that so you don’t do it again within two weeks of stepping back on the ice.

Good luck,

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