It’s what you CAN do that matters!

My first thought was “Ugh, so frustrating, now I can’t go for a run” I was setting myself up for a good little pout session.

If you are my Facebook friend, then you know that I was in Miami for the last 3 days for my Mastermind meeting. When I travel for meetings, I take a small carry-on and pack my Vibram 5-Fingers for my running shoes. I am totally comfortable running in them for 2-3 miles.

Well, this time I played a little trick on myself and brought two LEFT shoes.

…let the ‘two left feet’ jokes commence… 

Within 30-seconds of the initial frustration, I reminded myself of MM Rule #3 (or is it #4?), which is “Always look for a solution first”.

So, ideally I would have run along the harbor in Miami, looking at the beautiful yachts, enjoying the warm, moist breeze and hopefully seeing the dolphins that I saw playing there the last time I was in Miami.

I decided that running that route in true ‘bare feet’ was not an option. I was not willing to assume the risk of stepping on glass, a sharp rock or who knows what.

So what could I do?

Very simply, I had my little 5-finger sockies – and since no one ever monitors a hotel gym I figured I was a-ok to just workout in my socks. So I flipped my plan and instead of doing two cardio workouts and one lift on my three day trip, I would do two lifts and one cardio session.

It was fun – like a mini adventure and it was great working out in my socks and doing my reverse lunge to balance and single leg stiff legged deadlifts – really increased the balance challenge.

The meeting was awesome – as was the dinner our coaches Bedros and Craig treat us to on the last night – have a gander at the HUGE steak that I ding-donged like no body’s business! It was crusted with Kona coffee- – mmm steak AND coffee 🙂

We had some amazing guest speakers who taught us how to build our businesses by making it easier and easier for our customers to get better results – – sounds like a good model doesn’t it?

I won’t bore you with the 17 pages of notes I typed, but I will share this truth about ALL of them.

At some point they all had a huge failure. Some of them earned hundreds of thousands of dollars only to blow it all on frivolous things, some were traveling a path that just wasn’t the right fit, so they had to walk away and start again.

But they all got knocked down and had to get back up again. It is universal, so don’t take it so hard when you get knocked down by the little things (like packing two left shoes) or the big things.

You can’t go back and change it, so just follow Rule #3 and look for the next best solution.

That’s it – a little motivation (and food-porn) to keep the week rollin’.


PS – you can call me “Champ” from now on 🙂

You see, we have a ‘Transformation Contest” at every meeting where we submit what we have done since the last meeting, the lessons we have learned, etc. Then our coaches pick finalists to present their story to the entire group (in 3-minutes or less).

I have been a finalist about 9 times (the Susan Lucci of the group) before, but this time I WON! The winner is voted on by the entire group, so it was great to get that recognition AND I will get free airfare and accommodation to the next Mastermind meeting in May – so it is kind of a big deal! I will tell you what I said that I think made the difference – maybe next Monday.