IT IS Time… your In-Season Focus Four

Unless you are an NHL, AHL or ECHL goalie who is heading into or just started training camp, NOW is the time to get going on your in-season training. I know it takes a little time to get back into the routine of team games, practices and school, but it is almost October, it isn’t going to get any easier.

You’ve gotta start THIS week.

I had an email from a goalie this past week who still confuses quantity over quality. He told me all the stuff he was doing in the summer – working out, playing tennis, going for a run, skating on the ice, going rollerblading, shooting pucks… you get the idea.

He was feeling desperate because there was no way he could keep up with all that AND school AND practices AND games.

D’uh – of course not. Nor SHOULD he. That would be a HUGE mistake.

You need to think of yourself as a Navy SEAL when it comes to your in-season training.

You need to get in and get out. You are just focusing on your target and your mission, you don’t have time or energy to get off-track.

So your focus will be on (IN ORDER OF IMPORTANCE)

1. Mobility & Stability
2. Max Strength & Power
3. Speed & Agility
4. Stamina

Now, the order may change based on your age, injury history and playing status, but if you are playing competitively – – and actually playing in games, then that is how I prioritize it.

If you are not sure exactly what to do for each of the Focus Four, then you have come to the right place. I am going to walk you through it step by step on Wednesday, September 28th at 7pm ET (4pm PT) and you can just tune in – no need to pre-register because I am going to do it on Facebook LIVE.

You don’t need a FB account to tune in. Just go here: GoalieTrainingPro FB

I will walk you through a detailed blueprint so you know what to do and if there is time I will even answer your questions live. Just like if we were hanging out at Starbucks.

If you want to get the Blueprint ahead of time, then you can get it HERE

If you already know exactly what to do, then make sure you are following the Focus Four as a guideline.

You should only be spending 40-60 minutes in the gym. Lifting twice per week most weeks,
Two short Speed/Agility workouts (10-15 minutes) and Mobility/Stability at least five times per week.

Got it?


PS – see you on Wednesday at 7pm ET – – I will also answer your in-season training questions live.