Is this exercise all you need?

Beautiful city in any weather.  Empire State.

Beautiful city in any weather. Empire State.

Okay, so back on Canadian soil after a great trip to New York City last week.  As you know, it was part holiday and part professional development time.  In this case it was the second of three base courses for the Postural Restoration Institute.  Like the last one I took in the Fall, this course was awesome – but the concepts are so different that it was 16-hours of solid concentration.

The way Ron Hruska and the folks at PRI see the body work requires a very different perspective and it lends itself very nicely to the way I look at athlete training and keeping athletes healthy.  Once I wrap my head around it a little bit (and get caught up on all the work waiting for me at the Gym) I will give you a summary.

The only exercise you need?

Today I want to talk about Burpees.  You know how soft drink companies or beer companies use marketing to get you thinking that all you need to do is drink this cola or this beer and you will be a much cooler and happier human on this earth – – SPOILER ALERT —- that’s not actually the case, so you can go back to drinking water.

That is marketing – and that is what you get sometimes in magazines or on the interwebz when someone tells you that all you need is this supplement or this magical exercise.  What they are saying makes sense and there is some truth to it, but there is no magical exercise and if there were, it certainly wouldn’t be burpees.

Here is a video response to a question why I don’t use burpees more in the Rapid Response Goalie Training program when the internet experts (a lot of whom do not even earn their living as a trainer – did you know that?) tell you that is all you need.  Here is the good and the bad of burpees.  The how and when of burpees.  Enjoy… roll film

If you don’t see the video in the player, just click this link –

So you see how using the wrong ingredient at the wrong time or in the wrong proportion will ruin your recipe – burpees are just one ingredient and can be very helpful when used properly.


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