Is it better to static or dynamic stretch after a workout– Goalie Training Q&A – 6.14.23

Welcome to the June 14th edition of Goalie Training Q&A!  If you’re looking to have all your ice hockey goalie training questions answered then be sure to follow us and then tune in LIVE on Thursdays!  A common question Maria answers today is: should I do static or dynamic stretching after a workout?  Tune in for that answer and many more in the replay below!



Here are the time stamps for all the questions that were discussed:

2:45       Which is better – static or active stretching after workout?  See what Maria says here!

5:24       Can Maria send out the restorative program that she presented at the Goalie Retreat?

Youtube – search key words: warm up, preskate, restorative, cooldown postskate

6:45       Thoughts on Kasimir Kaskisuo

6:59       How should Sense Arena used in off season training?

11:45    What kind of exercise to do instead of hip thrust?

15:58    What should be done if there’s a pain in the neck and shoulder inhibiting looking to the right.

18:51    Best amount of time to spend improving mobility?

20:32    Which hip activation exercises best after the game?

21:16    For mobility – do you use FRC (functional range conditioning) exercises?

22:24    16 yo goalie – do you do custom workouts?

22:42    Do you wear Apple watch while playing?

24:59    How many calories is ideal to burn in a workout?

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Thanks for tuning in!  Bonnie from the GTP Team