Invisible problem holding you back.

You have a PRIORITY problem (not a time problem)

This one will ruffle feathers – – hey, I’m just putting it out there and you will either take it for what it is worth or read it and decide it does not apply to you.  You do not need to email me with your schedule to justify how busy you are, it’s okay.

Cool?  Cool.

I do an article just like this at the start of every hockey season and that is because I am getting the same questions or comments over and over again.

Some of you know this, but clearly some of you don’t.

I know some of you really do have a crazy schedule – maybe there is an illness in the family that requires your attention.  I am not judging, you will decide for yourself what you CAN do and what you WILL do.

I also train clients who have five kids and work shift work.  Who have 4 kids, run a start up business AND just opened a restaurant a few months ago… they still get their workouts done.

So, here is my spiel…

If you have not already done this, write down the 1-2 goals you want to achieve as a hockey player this season.

Now write down the 2-3 things you must do in order to achieve those goals (or increase your probability of achieving them).

Compare that to what you are actually doing.

Don’t have time to do those things?  Then what is the minimum amount of time or effort you can invest to help you get there?

So you may think you need to go to the gym three times per week to work out for an hour, but you genuinely do not have that three hours per week (plus the time to get to the gym) to make it happen.

Instead of looking for reasons NOT to do it, look for a way that you CAN make it happen.  Can you:

  • Workout at home for 20-minutes, twice per week?
  • Can you do a little workout at school during your lunch?
  • Can you go to the gym twice per week for 45-minutes?
  • Can you do 10-minutes of mobility training five days per week?
  • Can you dig out that exercise bike in the basement for some interval training?
  • Can you jump rope for 30s on: 30s off for 10 minutes in total
  • Can you draw out an Agility Ladder on your driveway and do some footwork training?

Look for a way to do something, ANYTHING that will move you even a small step toward your goals.

Achieving small goals paves the path to living your dreams.  Knowing your priorities makes it easier to stay on track.

And… at the end of the day, you decide that you really, really cannot do anything to move you closer to achieving your goals, then you will also need to accept that you likely will not get there right now, it happens.  Take care of business and then get moving forward.

PS – not sure what exactly to do, here is the program that matches your season and you can ask questions to make sure you get maximum results.