Interview With Guru Of Multi-Directional Speed

2015-05-11 16.48.33-1I have known Lee Taft’s work for probably 10+ years.  I have seen him present on speed development several times at conferences in the US including the prestigious National Strength & Conditioning Association’s national conference.

He is good.

In fact when I know I am going to see one of Lee’s sessions, I go a few minutes early because I know it will be packed with strength and conditioning coaches from pro and college programs looking for that extra edge for their athletes.

I like the way Lee looks at speed as a skill.

Yes, developing strength will give you more capacity for force production, but if your movements are inefficient, then you are wasting energy, losing speed and increasing your risk of injury.

Admittedly, Lee does not deal with hockey players, but I know a lot of you play a variety of sports (thankfully) and most of you (if you are following my off-season programs anyway) will be spending time running shuttles and doing agility drills to build your hockey speed, so Lee’s tips will help you make the most of those sessions.

Lee is extremely generous with his expertise in this interview, so if speed is one of the things you vowed you would improve before next season, you definitely need to tune it.  Just click on the player below…

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PS – – If you want more speed training tactics from Lee, I suggest you check out his latest program “Complete Speed Training” >> you can learn more about it HERE.