In-Season Training for Hockey Goalies

I know it is a busy time of year for you.   

I know most of you aren’t thinking about IN-SEASON training at all.   

I know most of you think the baggers you do with your team are your in-season training. 

 The rest of you are thinking “I’m just gonna wait until things settle down a bit and then make a plan”.  

I want to gently, but firmly tell you that you are way off base.  For 90% of you, the workouts you do with your team are mostly a team-building exercise (regardless of what your team trainer says).  If you are running stairs, doing more than 8 reps of any big muscle exercise (stabilization exercises are different), that is building some stamina (aerobic and muscular), but it is not helping you maintain or build your speed and explosiveness on the ice. 

It is speed and explosiveness that helps you make the first save and gives you the tools to get in position for a solid second save (and even third save if you need to). 

Here’s a new video I put together outlining what your in-season training should look like: 

  • How many workouts? 
  • How long should they be? 
  • What should you focus on? 
  • How often should you do mobility? 
  • How often should you do strength training (if at all)? 
  • How often should you do speed? 
  • Where does Stamina fit in? 

Just click on the image below


or click right on this link… 

And whatever you do, don’t watch that video and then say to yourself… “I’m just gonna wait until things settle down a bit”, by the time that happens it will be … um NEVER or you will join the masses who email me three weeks before play-offs asking “how can I get in top shape for play-offs”, my answer is do the right training starting in September. 

And by the “right training” I mean training that will help you maintain or build your speed, get more mobile on the ice and keep the injury bug at bay  all without wearing you down and burning you out.  



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