I’ll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours…

Anyone else having trouble deciding which day of the week it is?  Certainly does not feel like a Thursday.  Anyway, as I told you a few days ago – was that Sunday? – I booked out Wednesday morning to do some evaluation and strategic planning for the coming year.

Bye the way – this will be the last ‘goal setting/mindset’ post for a while.  Watch for the video that is going up on Friday – it is a 9-Point Performance Screen for Goalies.  It will let you identify your strength and weaknesses and show you exactly where you need to focus your off-ice training efforts.

But back to the task at hand…this morning I focused on my two businesses – Revolution Sport Conditioning (my training studio) and HockeyTrainingPro.com (my online business), but I will do the same process for my personal goals.  I divide these into Fitness/Health, Financial and Personal.

So I started with a look back.  Where did I succeed and where did I fall short or ‘fail forward’ as I discussed in my post the other day.  Without getting into the details, I hit my mark for the Revolution Conditioning side, but I failed with the HockeyTrainingPro.com side – I was $1,532 short of my goal for the year.

Am I disappointed?  Yes.  Could I have hit my target with a little more effort – yes I could have, but I also have to take into account your feelings.  Could I have promoted my products harder over the Christmas period and rustled up another $1500, I think so.

But knowing that I am nearing the end of my product creation marathon of the last three months and will be ready to re-launch UGT VIP in the very near future, I decided to not pester you over the holiday period and take the loss.

So I have done the first part of the exercise from earlier in the week – I made a detailed evaluation of where I am right now.  Then I decided where I wanted to go – in detail and then I simply reverse engineered from there.

If I want to be able to do 8 chin-ups (one of my goals for 2013 – and a failure carry over from 2012), then I better start doing chin ups twice per week.

If I want to help 10,000 players win more games with fewer injuries, then I need to provide outstanding training information at no charge to reach the masses and release training products that lead you step-by-step to unexpected success for the dedicated goalies.

So here – in no particular order are my goals for 2013…

  • Build Revolution Conditioning revenue by 8%
  • Help 3,000 goalies take their game to the next level through my online training products.
  • Bench Press 115lbs for 2 reps
  • Deadlift 225 for 2 reps
  • Run a 1:50 Half Marathon
  • Continue building toward my mission of helping 10,000 of you by building my email list with passionate, motivated and pleasant players.
  • Learn to actually play 4 songs on my guitar
  • Become competent in either French or German
  • Post three training blogs per week
  • Read 30-minutes of either training or business related material every evening Monday-Friday
  • Increase my retirement savings plan contributions by $2,600 this year.

So those are the highlights – and now I have to create my first action steps for each.  Let’s take the French as an example – now that I think about it, I will definitely do the French because one of my BIG LIFE GOALS is to live in Paris for 3-weeks, so the French will come in handy.

So here are my first four action steps:

  • Research language training programs like Rosetta Stone & decide if that will help
  • Set a time frame – I am going to dedicate 90-days to this one.
  • Set a schedule for practicing – 3-times per week for 45-minutes – schedule it into my calendar.
  • Purchase the program and get started.

You guys know that I work a lot – like 60+ hours per week, so it would be easy for me to say that ‘I don’t have the time’.  If you follow me on Facebook, then you saw my post last week with this insight “I don’t have time is the grown-up equivalent of ‘The dog ate my homework.’”

So it is not a question of having time, it is a question of having priorities.

Don’t forget to come back on Friday for the FREE 9-Point Performance Screen for Goalies.  You can do it at home without any specialized equipment.