ICE HOCKEY GOALIES – Stop Every Shot With These 3 Moves

As a hockey goalie, you are NOT going to stop every single shot. #truth #ouch

But you can drastically increase your chances by developing the goalie specific stamina and stability that we review in this brand new video.  We hit the ice to go through how these elements help you on the ice and then head back to the gym for the off-ice goalie training exercises that will help you earn those skills.

What a lot of hockey goalies miss out on with their off-ice training is the fact that you can DIRECTLY impact how you play on the ice when you do the right training off the ice.

AND… it’s not just going through the motions, it is making the mind/body connection while you are going through your off-ice training.  You should actually be thinking, “how will I use this on the ice” or “what will it feel like on the ice”.

NOTE! That DOES NOT mean – wearing your pads, smashing into the butterfly… it just means looking at the similar and transferable characteristics.

Sound good?  Okay, time to check out the strategies and specific off-ice exercises that give you at least a CHANCE on every shot.


Check out the whole video on YouTube here >>

And just a reminder – you can watch this video 400 times, but until you actually try the exercises (or even just one of the exercises) for a week or two, absolutely nothing will happen.  You will still let in those goals you know you should have had  or feel like an old grandpa getting out of bed the next morning or get so fatigued by the end of a game that you know exactly where to be and what to do, but your legs are like “um no, sorry”.

Nothing happens until you take action.


PS – if you aren’t ready to do these advanced strategies yet, then let’s just unlock your hips. Here’s how you do it, click HERE and get free access to the Butterfly Challenge 3.0 – it is a 14-day goalie specific mobility program that only takes you about 10-minutes per day.  Take action – go get it!