I got carried away – 5 new agility drills for hockey goalies

So you know I have the Exercise Of The Week (EOTW) feature – – well I got way carried away this week, I actually have five new agility drills for goalies.   Sorry 🙁

Here are the straight goods…

Holy Crap – – ONE MILLION!

First let me say how much I LOVE having an internet based business.  I uploaded this video yesterday and already have 16 views and three ‘Likes’.  Crazy, then I dug a little deeper and I see that this month I will go over 1,000,000 views on my YouTube channel.  It is called ‘RevolutionCondition‘ because when I started posting videos for hockey players to YouTube, I never knew the name of the channel would matter at all and Revolution Conditioning was too long so it got cut down.

How many, how much rest?

I know I will get emails from you asking:

  • How many reps should I do?
  • How much rest?
  • How many times per week?
  • How many sets?

These are the types of drills that I use through the training phases, I will vary the volume based on the time of the season or off-season, so it is impossible for me to give you the exact answer.  It is like asking a chef exactly how much garlic to use when cooking.

If you are cooking oatmeal, the probably none!  But if you are cooking spaghetti sauce with my Yia Yia (who was the best cook ever) then the answer is 6-9 cloves 🙂

You can learn about the different training phases on this post about the Performance Pyramid for Hockey.

Happy training!  Cheers,

PS – if you are looking for an exact recipe to help you become the goalie you believe you can be, with the exact exercises, sets, reps, rest – nutrition advice – EVERYTHING – then CLICK HERE.