I do it so they will shoot pucks at your head.

How many of you watched the World Junior Hockey Championships?  We get pretty excited about it here in Canada.  Our team lost in the Bronze medal game to Russia, the semi-final vs. Finland was a little frustrating to watch until I reminded myself that these are teenagers playing their hearts out, how can you find fault with that.

Yesterday I also got to Skype in and answer questions from 125 international goalie coaches attending a conference at the WJHC in Malmo, Sweden.  It was really cool and I will share with you the exact questions (and my answers of course) they had for me in another post.

Not exactly, but kinda…

For many of you it is back to work after a nice holiday break or as those of us who worked over the holiday like to call it…Monday.  Since I know the first day back can be a little bit of a drag, so today I am going to give you a boost, pump you up a little and share a post from Paul (not my husband, a different Paul) who is in our UGT VIP group.

I will let you know, as I told Paul that when I read this post, it put tears in my eyes because this is EXACTLY how I want you all to feel after putting the time and effort into your training.  I want those shooters so frustrated that they are firing pucks at your head – that sounds kind of awful doesn’t it, but I hope you know what I mean.

I just wanted to share my on ice success with this training. Lately, with the workouts, I’m finding that I’ve never played better in my life. I’m 40 years old and have been playing since I was a kid, but I’ve never been exposed to workouts like these that are specific to playing in net. I just never got that high level in my playing.

Lately, I’ve noticed the difference because I’m stoning way higher calibre players than what I should be. Meaning, they’ve played hockey for years and getting paid (major junior leagues) while I never got paid (Select hockey and university tryouts) I should be having a hard time keeping up with the speed and accuracy of their plays and shots, but I’m NOT! It’s awesome!

One game, I actually STONED the top player. He always gets at least 3 or more goals on me. When you see him play, you realize how good you have to be to get to his level of play (professional.) He was getting so frustrated that I could hear him cursing and swearing after I kept stopping him. He had over 10 tries at me that night. He was actually hogging the puck at the end and just wanted to put 1 by me! And at the end of the game he even took a slapper at my head (it’s ok, I have a Hackva helmet: one of the toughest helmets around) which missed. He apologized as he skated around the net behind me, but I could tell the frustration in his voice. Ha! It was so awesome! Now, I’m able to match his skill with mine! I can keep him at 1 or no goals now per game.

I’ve also found that with the workouts, I’m quicker reacting to plays than before. I know this, because I’m able to spend more time reading plays and making plans as the puck is moving around me. All the years before, I used to JUST REACT. Not plan ahead. Now, I can do both since I have the time and speed to do it.

I’m also finding that when I react to make a desperation save and I think to myself “Nuts, I moved way too late! That ones going to get by me” I look into my glove or into my pads and I’ve got it! I stopped it. My scrambling is quicker and more accurate. The consistent success of those desperation saves are way more now than before.

I just wanted to say thanks Maria, I have proof myself that I know that these workouts are directly linked to my successes on the ice. I’m really enjoying your workouts much better than the crossfit I used to do. The knowledge and tips that you give with your emails and videos are all great too. I find that it’s realistic and accurate and healthy and up to date. I like that a lot! I especially like that you share your knowledge from the conferences that you attend. I listen to those and take it all in.

Awesome isn’t it?  The truth is, it has almost nothing to do with me.  What Paul did was follow three specific, but simple steps to success and you can do the same.  I’ll send out a short email/post tomorrow or the day after giving you the exact path, but today I don’t want to take away from Paul’s achievements.  So do me a favour and tell Paul what an awesome job he did by leaving a comment below.  Talk soon.