How to transfer your agility onto the ice

Speed is great.

Reactive speed is a game changer and it is what will make you stand out on the ice whether you are a skater or a goalie.  This is a progression of the off-ice hockey drill I showed you last week.

Part Two: Reactive Lateral Speed For Hockey Training

If you missed the lateral speed hockey training drill I posted the other day, make sure you check that one out first.

You need to have the technique dialed in first.  It is NOT just a matter of going fast (or having ‘fast feet’).  It is about moving more powerfully and more efficiently.  In other words, you go faster, while using less energy.

Good deal eh?

So, make sure you have tried the one from last week first.

The Advanced Version…

The hockey agility drill I gave you the other day was predictable.  Your body knew exactly where to go.  You quickly and powerfully pushed to your left and you knew that you would then immediately push powerfully and quickly to your right.

Let’s mess with that…

Let’s make this a little more game-like by making your brain work a little harder.  By making your brain interpret visual input and then translate that into a coordinated movement response.

Here’s how to do it…


You will use the same volume as I recommended with the original drill – no more than 10s on with 50 seconds of active recovery.  You will do 4-6 sets to start with.

Remember the key to the drill is moving quickly and efficiently.  The goal is not moving as quickly as possible, the goal is moving as quickly as possible with efficient technique.


PS – anyone think the Sharks can come all the way back to win the next three in a row?  Me neither.