How To Improve Your Goalie SKILLs In 10-Minutes Per Day

The BEST way to get better hockey goaltending skills is to be on the ice practicing those skills PERIOD. Even your off-ice stamina training is not going to be as effective as on-ice stamina training.  Nothing can replace the benefits of being on the ice, but doing the right off-ice training can certainly help bridge the gaps in your on-ice performance.

Today’s video is about refining the skills that make you a more successful goalie on the ice with only 10-minutes of practice off the ice.

So there you have it a few super simple ways you can become a better goalie even without access to ice.  You don’t have to spend hours working on these, just pick one and commit to spending 10-minutes per day practicing; after the first week or two you’ll be noticing the cross-over effect on the ice.

Consistency is the key.


PS – If you are looking for an awesome online community where goalies hang out in a supportive space to learn more about mostly off-ice training, some on-ice technique and some equipment talk, then head over to the Goalie Training Lab on Facebook and ask to join.  It’s free to join. There is no chirping, no parent brag threads, just training and strategies to help each other get #onedaybetter