How To Enjoy Holiday Eating Without Sabotaging Your Hockey

Look, we are all going to eat foods over the holidays that we wouldn’t typically eat the other 11-months of the year.

I will for sure ding-dong some shortbread cookies because when else is it acceptable to eat butter and sugar straight up (maybe there is some flour or eggs in there to make it all stick together and I don’t care, it is YUM).

I love the shortbread and when we went to Scotland a few years ago the hotel rooms would have a little set up for making tea in your room and most of them had a few shortbread cookies to enjoy with the tea – made full use of those.

This probably contributes to my strong desire to live in Scotland at some point.

Anyway, I also have a 60-day goal (every sixty days I set a group of goals for myself) to maintain my bodyweight at 121lbs even during the holidays.  This is the weight where I feel good – it was my weight in University and I decided last February that it was not acceptable for me to let my weight creep up 2-3lbs every year just because I was ‘getting older’.

So over the course of 4-5 months, I dumped about 8lbs of excess baggage and Christmas will not be my excuse to let that slide.

So…when I was at Costco yesterday and saw the big huge tin of Walker’s shortbread cookies, I just kept on truckin’ baby!

I will wait until we are a few weeks closer to Christmas and then get a small box at the grocery store.  So I can enjoy my holiday treats without making an absolute pig of myself.

I want you to write out two strategies that you are going to use over the holidays to stay on track with your training and your nutrition over the holidays.

1. _____________________________________________________

2. _____________________________________________________

I also sat down with Registered Dietician, Lisa Cianfrini, MSc for some of her strategies for managing your nutrition when there are so many temptations out there.

If you cannot see the video above, just click here

So enjoy the holidays, but don’t sabotage your success on the ice.  Make sure you write down your two strategies for keeping up with your training and managing your nutrition above.


PS – want quick workouts you can do at home during the holidays – CLICK HERE