How To Cheat Your Hip Mobility (Goalies & Skaters)

More than 40% of you are cheaters based on my experience.

Relax! I don’t mean you cheat on your exams or your taxes, I mean you cheat on your hip mobility – – and most of you have no idea.

Do you do this?

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There are some common compensation patterns I see on and off the ice in players who lack hip mobility and it is equally common in goalies and skaters.

  • Off the ice a player will have trouble maintaining a neutral back position while doing the split squat. The solution is simple, work on hip flexor (rectus femoris) mobility (I give you a few options in the video) and let the torso come forward slightly when performing the split squat.
  • The player will extend at their lower back while skating. This can be hard to see with all the equipment on, but if you look at a player’s upper lumbar spine or thoracolumbar junction and see a region of very developed erector spinae (the strap like muscles along either side of the spine), you should be suspicious.
  • Goalies with a narrow butterfly flare are lacking hip internal rotation (I give you a super simple stretch to work on in the video). This not only let’s pucks squeak in your net, it also puts more torque through your knee.

When stretching does not or will not help

If instead of feeling a stretch when working on your hockey mobility, you are feeling a block or a pinch, you should not continue trying to force that range of motion. If you are limited by muscle tension, you will feel a stretch in the offending muscle.

If you are running into a firm end point (not a springy tightness) or are getting joint pain, this suggests an impingement of some sort (relax, not all impingements require surgery).

If this is you, then make sure you watch the video for some more info and then go make an appointment with a good sport physiotherapist (ideally one who has experience working with hockey players).

They will be able to assess the joint, mobilize the capsule if that is necessary to get it moving again and refer you on to another medical professional if necessary.

Do not just try to force your range of motion. That can lead to joint damage over time.


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