How To Beat The Pass | In Season Goalie Speed Workout

Here’s how hockey goalies beat the pass on their skates and play with more patience. This off-ice speed workout is designed specifically for your in-season. That means it is very quick, it translates onto the ice and it won’t leave you fatigued or broken down.

* Make Sure You Do A Dynamic Warm Up


1) 3-Way OI Standing – 2x5s each

1a) 3-way Band Resisted Lateral Hop 3ea (X0X0)

1b) Side Plank From Knee + Abduction & Hold x 45s each REST 60s



2) 3-Way OI Knee Down – 2x5s each

2a) Knee Recovery Quick Push w MB – 4ea (Expl)

2b) Glute Bridge March x 6ea (5s hold)

REST 60s



3) SL Lateral Hop – 2 quick: 1 back – 3ea

3a) Half Kneeling Ankle Dorsiflexion x 10ea (1012)


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