How much strength and speed will YOU lose this season?

Hi Gang,

Hope you are having a great week so far.  Things here are going well – back into the regular routine with my mixed high school groups.  The hockey players have all shipped off to training camps, with the NHL guys getting under way on Friday, September 17th.  This year I had a few guys who are looking to make the move from the AHL to the NHL so it is an anxious time as we wait to see how camp goes and where they can fit in with their NHL team.  I will keep you posted.

Most of the junior kids have been away from training for a few weeks as they went through their try-outs and now they are filtering back in for their maintenance workouts 1-2 times per week at the Revolution Conditioning studio.  I already see a loss of strength, just in two weeks so today I am going to give you an in-season circuit that you can do at home or at a basic gym.  It will take no longer than 20-minutes and it will help keep you strong, stable and powerful.

Is this circuit better than doing a 45-minute circuit twice per week?  Probably not, but a 45-minute circuit that you never do gives NO results whereas this 20-minute off-ice circuit will definitely give you some results.  Here is the video and you will find the workout plan below that:


Sets Reps Rest
3-Way Lunge 2-4 3 each
DB Push Up & Row 2-4 6-10 each
Skate Hop Pyramid 2-4 2 each
Cook Glute Bridge 2-4 10-20 each
SB Rotary Push + SL Squat 2-4 10 each
SB Roll Out 2-4 10-20 each 60 seconds

Perform one set of each exercise in order (this is a circuit) until you have finished each exercise once and then return to the top and repeat.  You will complete 2-4 circuits.

Stay tuned for an in-season hockey training circuit designed specifically for goalies coming up in my next post (wanted to post it today as well, but I somehow have filled my hard drive’s capacity for storing video- ooops!).

Have a great day gang!