How Laser Focused Training Works

I have mentioned it a few times in the last week and so naturally there have been more questions. Probably my fault for confusing you because on one hand I tell you that you cannot “accelerate your gains” or “supercharge your training” two weeks before the season starts.

But then I talk about you can take a laser focus and see significant improvement on the ice in the first two weeks.

How is that possible?

When I talk about the quick improvements you see when you start a program like Rapid Response Goalie Training, I am not exaggerating. I do think it is the quickest way to see improvements on the ice while minimizing your risk of injury.

Let me show you one of the many workouts from the RRGT to help illustrate my point…


… do you see how the stretching portion at the top (it is cut off a bit) goes right after the hip internal rotators and all three portions of the hamstrings? How the Dynamic Warm-Up works every movement in a functional chain – like the Hip Flexor + Overhead Reach to get your hip flexors and abdominals working together to lengthen and shorten so you are not stressing one part of the chain and creating hip or lower abdominal strain.

Notice how the Plyo + Agility workout is low volume, so you minimize your risk of injury and can execute each power movement with max explosiveness before the onset of fatigue?

Even the selection of movements is straight to the point. Triple extension and leg power without the need for balance or finesse – just power, then a drill to help you quickly fire your adductors (groins) and lateral hips like you need when you slam your 5-hole and finally a quick recovery from your butterfly to your skates.

Did you also notice how I have worked some more mobility and core training into your active rest intervals with the Hip Flexor Stretch and the Bear Position Superman?

All that in a 10-minute module.

And notice how it is positioned first in this sequence, then your strength follows. If we had more time and as you will see with some of my other programs, the strength portion might come first, but in this case, we can get the max quality on the key elements you need on the ice and first and then build the strength.

I know it sounds counter intuitive, but trust me (and my 6-years of university study and 20+ years of experience) it works. Because the volume is so low, we can get away with changing things up a bit.


I hear you asking me… “So why don’t we train like that all the time?”

And here is the answer – because this type of program will not give you max gains. The more detailed, more progressive programs like the Ultimate Goalie Training and ShutOut Academy spend more time building a strong foundation, which allows you to increase the volume of your training and spend more time working all aspects of your mobility, strength, speed and stamina.

We can work in more planes of movement, develop more complex movement patterns and target your energy system in a multitude of ways. It gives us the luxury of time, so you can build in a safe and effective manner.

Over the long-term, if you have the time and ability, that type of training is ‘better’. But if you do not have the time, then you will be surprised at how much benefit you can see with such short workouts.

Does this make more sense? I don’t expect you to understand all the underlying physiology (nor do I have the time to explain it all), but I hope that helps.


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