How Ice Hockey Goalie Training Is Different

The training an ice hockey goalie needs is different from what skaters need. PERIOD.

Do you do the same thing for training on the ice? Wait, what’s that you say?  Sometimes you do the same thing as the skaters on the ice?  You do the same skating drills sometimes, you work on your puck-handling and passing sometimes?

But then other parts of your on-ice training are really different right?  Like when you and get to go down to one end of the ice and work on ‘goalie stuff’ right?

Well, you off-ice goalie training is similar to that.  It isn’t ALL what you would consider ‘goalie specific’.  You still need to be a strong and durable ATHLETE.  That means you will still do some off the hockey strength training drills that your forward and d-men do.  You will still squat, hexbar deadlift and do cleans… but then there will the the key 20-30% of your training that will clearly look like goalie specific training.

Let’s dive deep into how hockey goalie training should be different to maximize your performance on the ice AND let’s look at what goalie specific training is NOT (hint hint – it is not standing on a stability ball juggling and it isn’t high rep low weight ‘strength training’).

When you do the right off-ice goalie training, you hit the ice stronger, more flexible, faster AND more durable than ever.

Let’s dive on in…

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Bottom LINE:

Goalie training isn’t about doing circus tricks, it isn’t about just being the “hardest worker” on the team.  It is about doing the right training at the right time, it is about taking a strategic approach so you are building your strength and speed on a strong foundation and without compromising your mobility in the crease.


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