How Hockey Goalies Train Their “Puck Tracking” Muscles

puck tracking drills for goalies

Braden Holtby and Connor Hellebuyck do it, so naturally I get a lot of questions about eye training for goalies.

It is pretty cool how your eyes have muscles and how hockey goalies need to work them for better control and mobility. It is an important element of your off-ice goalie training, not THE most important element of your off-ice training.  I want you doing the big stuff to build your mobility, strength, speed, stamina and stability, but working on your vision should be a part of it for sure.

Start by adding these two eye tracking exercises to your goalie drills on or off the ice – makes a great active recovery drill. I don’t think working on your eye movement really is as important for “puck tracking” as it is for sneaking a quick peek at who’s trying to get in scoring position around the net without you noticing.

Click on the video below to see how to do it…