How Hockey Goalies Get Better Control On The Ice | Off-Ice Goalie Drills

Before I post every new goalie training video I think to myself “they are going to LOVE this one ☝️ ” but I REALLY think you are going to love this one.

Again, I’m not really sure what to call it but I have some new ways for hockey goalies to work on controlling their movements on the ice so you get into position with precision, you eliminate some of your bad habits like not squaring up to the puck AND you train your muscles how to guide you into and out of positions like the RVH.

Did you REALLY love that one?  I thought you would… BUT I also want to remind you that there is no ONE exercise or even one magic workout that will transform you into the consistent and durable goalie you want to be – you have to commit to the entire process.  You need to commit to doing the right:

  • goalie specific off-ice strength training
  • goalie specific mobility training
  • goalie specific speed and stamina training
  • working on the ice with a goalie coach
  • spending time on deliberate practice so that your movements are as efficient as possible
  • working on your puck handling – a puck handling goalie is something every team wants
  • make sure your nutrition is in line
  • Get the sleep you need to be at your best – for most of us it is between 7-9 hours

There’s a lot of stuff there and it isn’t like the Swedish smorgasbord I enjoyed in Scandinavia this fall, you need to have a plan for all those areas to develop your full potential as a hockey goalie.

Here endeth the sermon 🙂

Got another video comin’ in HOT – stay tuned over the next day or two.